1. Hello. I am coming to la fortuna with my daughter 13 years Old, from the 7/7 till 11/7. Would like to do a guided walk (Morning or afternoon) . Are you availeble the 8,9 or 10/7 for that? Where do you do the walks? What is the Price? And How long Are the walks? We really want to see animals, and would be really great to spot some sloths🙂 as Well as other animals. What would you suggest? And How many people Are going to be on the walks?
    Look forward to hear from you. Kind regards tine

    Me gusta

    • Hello Time
      Just pick the day!
      We do our walks in our private trail. Price is $35 pp includes guide and entrance fee. Only cash.
      It’ s around 2 hours of tour. Early on the morning is good for birds, in our trail we have counted more than 10 sloths, they live here! A lot of frigs live here as well. Let me know the day you want to come!

      Me gusta

  2. Do you need a guide or can you pay admission fee and walk the trails yourself?

    Me gusta

  3. Hello,
    My friend and I would like a tour with guide at 15:00 tomorrow (11/16). Is this time available for two people?
    Thank you!

    Me gusta

  4. Hello,
    I am seeing a $10 fee but no way the arrange for a guide on the website. I understand that the entrance is included with the guide($40) but do not see how to arrange for one.

    Me gusta

  5. 9 am sat jan 26 for 2 people.

    Me gusta

  6. Hello we would like to come and visit you tomorrow
    Do we have to make a reservation for a guided tour ? And does giovanni will go for any tour tomorrow ? Thanks in advance

    Me gusta


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