This project started in 2000, when Giovanni Bogarin decided to volunteer in this
private property. He started planting some trees, because he was in love with
nature, he decided to stay and opened the place for publicas his way to live.
Now we have a refuge for many different animals , wit h 12 hectareas of land and
more than a mile trail walk we guarantee a real approchment to wildlife, where you can
find the red eyed tree frog, the blue jeans poisinous frog, the glass frog, american
bull frog, the highly venomous snake fer -de – lance, the three toe sloth, the uniform
crake, the black mandibled and the fiery billed toucan ,and much more.
This place is the on l y one in its type that is a 100% f lat , perfect for people on wheel chair. Come join us , it will be a pleasure to count with your visit

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