Angélica Corrales

Greetings! My name is Angélica and I am the newest guide in Bogarin Trail. Originally, I am from Naranjo, a town known for producing high-quality coffee. I came to Bogarin Trail as a tourist guide student, I learned a lot from all the other guides. And now I am officially part of the team. I am very excited to share everything I’ve learned with you!

Pamela Rojas

Hi, my name is Pamela, I am from San Carlos. I am new to the Bogarin/Autentica Family, but since day 1 the charm and warmth that sorrounds this place, welcomed me.
I am happy to be part of this project and looking forward that you fall in love with this place too!

Jason Campos

Hey there! My name is Jason, I am from Costa Rica, I have two lovely daughters and I am passionate about being a naturalist, I love my job and I like to have good relationships with my colleagues and other people. Welcome and I’ll be more than happy to show you the sloths at the forest!

William Bogarin

My name is William, I was born here in La Fortuna, and I have been a guide since 1990. I like what I do and I like to do my best. In my free time I like to go fishing, I really enjoy being sorrounden by nature, I cannot imagine myself somewhere else. It will be a pleasure to be your guide!

Eduardo Bogarin

I am Eduardo, I am originally from La Fortuna. My passion is nature, I am a lover of it. I have been working as a guide since 1990, I have a lot of experience in the flora and fauna around the Arenal volcano area. Welcome to Costa Rica, mi casa es su casa.

Adriel Pérez

Hello there! I’m Adriel. I came to Bogarin trail as a tourist, then I fell in love with the project and now I am part of the Bogarin Trail/Autentica family, which works every day to look after and expand the only secondary forest in La Fortuna down-town, while providing a unique experience to visitors.

María Molina

I am María, I was born in Costa Rica, I am passionate about Latin American literature, I love traveling and learning about new places, cultures and foods. I have experience since 2010 working in customer service and group management. I studied Tourism and English, I am currently studying to teach Spanish as a second language. I’m the reservations manager at Bogarin Trail and Autentica.


Joanne Bogarin is my name, but everybody knows me as Giovanni. I was born on July 13th, 1963, in Moterrey de San Carlos. I come from a very large family of 9 boys and 2 sisters, being myself the seventh. I was only able to complete elementary school, but the urge to learn English arose when I found an English book… that book became my school, and the love for working with tourism and nature was born. Since I was little I liked the idea of ​​conserving and protecting the forest and the animals, and with that hope in mind I left my family and my home. When I was 27 years old, a Canadian/English family offered me a job at a hotel called Arenal Observatory Lodge, where I worked at maintenance, but after some time I was already guiding along the trails. Right there at those trails I met a Smithsonian Institution employee, and I was interested in helping as a volunteer with him. And so, reading tremors with a manual seismograph, collecting rocks for samples, and guiding the team through the area, I can say I worked with the Smithsonian Institute. After some years, I started a little project called after my family name, Bogarin Trail. I have been working on this trail as a volunteer since the year 2000, improving the trail and taking care of the flora and fauna of the place. I consider myself a simple person, but I have found a lot of peace. My two 2 kids love art as much as I do, so I appreciate, I enjoy, working with families and show them the art hidden inside the rainforest of Costa Rica.