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Welcome to Bogarin Trail

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This is a unique urban park, compose of big trail of walk, is located in the heart of La Fortuna town, named after Giovanni Bogarín, the first resident nature guide and trail designer at the Arenal Observatory Lodge. This beautiful oasis is home to much wildlife including: toucans, parrots, boat billed herons, sloths, poison dart frogs among other rain forest creatures.

A really flat and friendly walking path, even for those in a wheel chair, not common in the hilly terrain of the Arenal area, Bogarain trail is a great option for nature lovers that have a free morning or afternoon near La Fortuna.

You need for the trail:

Wear close-toed shoes.
Bring a bottle full of water.
Use insect repellent and sunscreen.
Rain jacket and camera!
Enjoy Bogarin morning tour..


Protect this little paradise in La Fortuna, to provide work for locals and a place for those who love wild life.


Preserve this beautiful reserve is our job, to make sure the future generation will have a place to enjoy nature. When you pay your entrance here, you are helping us to make our mission a reality!

Reservations and Policies

Notice: Every time you set up an appointment you must be on time, our tour guides will be waiting for you. If miss there will be no refunds, If you came after your appointment was set up you still can walk trough the trails but no refunds will apply. Notice our guide tours have different price the $10 Ticket does not include a guide assistance; for a better services and questions do not hesitate to contact or call us at +(506)8819-3189 with Maria Molina at Reception.